Tuesday 29 September 2020

Hilliard at The ROM

Two lovely miniatures of Unknown Ladies (by Nicholas Hilliard) in The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada.





Monday 28 September 2020

Spies and Sedition


The latest issue of 'Tudor Life' is out, with 'Spies and Sedition' as its theme. 
 It's over 90 pages long, and includes my article The Conspiracies of Mary Queen of Scots and Thomas Duke of Norfolk.
To learn more about 'The Tudor Society': www.tudorsociety.com

Saturday 26 September 2020

Queen Elizabeth meets Queen Anne

Her Majesty chats with Genevieve Bujold at the London movie premiere of Anne of the Thousand Days.




Tuesday 22 September 2020

"Ha, ha, ha"!


To celebrate his love for his wife Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII had coins struck with the initials 'H' and 'A'.
It was said that the citizens who didn't like Anne, laughed at the initials (as 'Ha, ha, ha!') at her coronation.
Here's a sample from The British Museum.


Sunday 20 September 2020

Before They Were Stars


Before he became a major star, Eddie Redmayne played William Stafford (Mary Boleyn's second husband) in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008).
Benedict Cumberbatch also appeared as William Carey (Mary's first husband).



Saturday 19 September 2020

The Great Glenda Jackson

  Enjoying a pint on the set of Mary Queen of Scots (1971)

With co-star Vanessa Redgrave


Thursday 17 September 2020

Henry VIII in 1527

 A rarely seen painting of Henry VIII in 1527 (from the government offices at Downing Street).

So this is what he looked like when he began to court Anne Boleyn starting around that year.

It is by an unknown artist, but I suspect it might be by Lucas Horenbout/Hornebolte and his workshop.  

Horenbout was active at this period at the King's court, and the telltale shadow behind Henry indicates it was a work by the 'Cast Shadow Master', an artist who was probably Horenbout, according to art historian Roy Strong (see his 'The English Renaissance Miniature' book).